The Tenterden Tuesdays are our original community group, singing anything and everything from show songs to current chart hits.

If you are worried that your voice isn't 'up to it' then rest assured.  We have an open door policy with no auditions and we won't ask you to sing alone... unless you want to of course!

Venue:  Zion Hall, Tenterden High Street.
Day: Tuesday
Time: 7.15 - 9.00pm
Who: All welcome including accompanied children ages 10 or over
Aims: Fun community singing with occasional, optional performace opportunities
Audition:  No
Cost:  £7 - pay per week on arrival at the hall.  No need to attend every week
Refreshments: available for a donation


Welcome to The Tuesdays.. we very much hope that you will enjoy joining us on a Tuesday evening, making new friends and improving your singing along the way

We aim to keep the group as informal and fun as possible - we are primarily a community singing group and every member's comments and suggestions are gladly received and considered.  We are not a group for rules and regulations but, as our numbers have grown very rapidly, we ask that everyone helps with the running of the group. Below are a few tips, some general and some legal bits that we ask you to read fully and agree to

At the core of The Tuesdays is a little voluntary group of helpers (organisers) but we are led primarily by Max Wilson and Helen Walsh.

There is no joining fee and no payments for missed sessions.  


ARRIVING - Please try and arrive at the hall by 7.15.  Please let us know that you have arrived and pay your subs.  We do need to know who is in the hall due to fire regulations.  Sessions in the hall end at 9.00pm.  Please do let an organiser know if you leave before time.

LATE ARRIVALS - If you arrive late please let one of us know.  Again, due to fire regulations, we need to know who is in the hall.

SUBS - We do try and keep subs to a minimum.  We are a non-profit 'Community' group and any extra money will be used to benefit the group.  Once minimum costs are taken for teaching, printing and bits and bobs and hall/club hire, we put the rest of the money back into the kitty. At present subs are just £7 per session. You will be notified of any changes in advance.

KITTY/FINANCES - Helen Walsh handles finances.  Any profits made each session are held in a Treasurers Account and this is our kitty. We also have a building society account to look after ticket money for our shows.  The money is used in various ways to benefit our members.  It may be spend on social events, equipment etc.  We are happy for suggestions as to where the kitty may be directed, but Max Wilson and Helen Walsh will make the final decision on this.

HANDBAGS & GLADRAGS - All members are responsible for their own belongings while attending rehearsals. The Tuesdays cannot be held responsible for any damage to property or persons during this time. 

JUNIOR TUESDAYS - We very much welcome children (ten and over) to join the group but state that you must supervise your own children at all times. Under 18s and full-time students are free

LYRICS & FOLDERS - There are usually 80 songs in our compendium at any one time.  You are welcome to borrow a complete folder to photocopy yourself or you can buy one (with pockets and lyrics) for £20.  We also place all songs on the Lyrics pages of the website, from where they can be downloaded and printed. If you are unable to print your own new lyrics from the website, there will be a charge of 10p per sheet.

BREAK TIME - We take a short break during the session.  This is traditionally a time for one or two members to sing us a solo (not compulsory) or for a guest performer to join us.  Tea and wine are normally on offer for a small donation, with any profits being reinvested in cafe purchases or future events

PERFORMANCE/EVENTS : Most of the group had never sung in public prior to joining The Tuesdays but have gone on to take part in several events.  No pressure is ever placed on anyone to perform, but for those wishing to, there are occasional chances to step onto the stage each year.  Even at the last minute its is fine to change your mind!  This is all about fun and we want you to enjoy every moment of it.

CHARITY and  FUND-RAISING EVENTS  - The Tuesdays support one or two charitable organisations each year and may hold fund-raising events on their behalf.  We feel it is important to support Tentertainment (Tenterden's music festival) as this is a wonderful event for our community.  The Tuesdays raise funds for this throughout the year.
FAME AT LAST! In joining The Tuesdays, members agree that photographs and video footage may be taken of them and used on our website and for advertising/marketing. 

Finally, we are such a sociable group and ask all members to bear this in mind and help us to keep the atmosphere friendly by being considerate, listening when people are talking (or singing!) and allow everyone to have a voice. The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone who is not willing to pay, or who becomes disruptive or abusive to others during rehearsal. 

We hope you continue on this journey with us and that you enjoy it as we have.

Max Wilson and Helen Walsh

The Tuesdays reserve the right to change any of these Terms & Conditions at any time

The Tuesdays are members of the Musician's Union (488913) and have full Public Liability Cover.
          The Tuesdays are a non-profit group and enjoy supporting their local community

Or phone Helen 07475 103230